Digital is playing a primary role in many of our client’s marketing programs. And, in today’s digital world, developing strategies and accurately allocating resources is critical. It’s important that marketers understand the effectiveness of their current initiatives, and with confidence, project the success of their future programs.

Digital Discovery

STAP offers a digital audit (the Digital Discovery process) — a study of your brand’s digital presence across several key areas: reach, architecture, content, conversion, integration, and measurement. This audit focuses not only on your internal brand, but also in relation to your competitive set.

The Digital Discovery is a review (and future recommendations for) of your:

  • Performance on search engines(keywords, keyword phrases)
  • Current PPC campaigns, display ad campaigns, mobile ads, landing page optimization, and associated metrics
  • Current email programs (Open rates, CTR’s, etc.)
  • Current social media channels, strategies, and engagement programs, etc.
  • Website: usability, graphics, links, and metrics
  • Content marketing program and strategy
  • Overall conversion activity - the conversion funnel
  • Integration of all channels and programs
  • Metrics: Objectives, analytics, and reporting
  • Digital Discovery by STAP will provide both an internal and external analysis, including benchmarking your performance against your competitors.